#26. MJ’s Thesis — V2 Prototype Presentation

Let’s think about diversity in the future.

In less than 10 years, the U.S will need 1.7 million more engineers and computing professionals in STEM field. Particularly, the engineering part has the lowest number in STEM field. Just 12% percent of engineers in the U.S. are women today. And they want to say something.


In results, Teenage girls feel discouraged by circumstances and stereotyped in their daily interactions with schools or parents. Even though they have interests in engineering early but begin to lose it due to the lack of interaction with role models historically.

Problem Statements | © 2020, Minjung Kim


My project’s goal is increasing numbers of teenage girls age from 13–18 studying engineering.

<hello,w> is an app contains Augmented Reality games to give young women the resources and mentors they need to shape their future engineering careers.


Here’s Amy who lives in Ohio, and likes Math and computers. Sometimes, she has to prove herself to people doubted her abilities. So… she feels like she might be wrong about choosing a computer-related major. However, she still wants to explore engineering career paths… One day, her teacher introduced an app, <hello,w> for better understanding the career options in engineering.

User Story Board | © 2020, Minjung Kim

Main Screens

Let’s see how <hello,w> works. First of all, install the app and meet the intro page to explain what this app offers for you.

Main Features of <hello,w>| © 2020, Minjung Kim

Enjoy learning, get inspired set your path with <hello,w>



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A platform with AR games and mentors encourages young women to pursue engineering career paths